Bus modifications riders would want to have

Rides on buses are not created equal. Yet, buses are considered the most important public ride in highly urbanised areas. While there’s metro rail or taxis, buses are considered the most essential of all when travelling around the city.

On long road trips, taking the bus is a great alternative that lets you enjoy the view without logging long hours of driving. However, as mentioned, buses are not created equal and bus modifications provide the edge above the competition.

A standard bus trip becomes something out of the ordinary when upgraded bus modifications are installed. Bus riders are seen to willingly part with some extra cash with unique bus modifications that make the ride fun and exciting.

Based on a survey involving more than 2,000 bus riders, the top bus modifications people are willing to pay extra cash include:

Air conditioning

Air conditioning tops the list when it comes to bus modifications people want on their bus ride. The convenience of enjoying the cool air on a bus ride is a top must-have amenity people want especially on long trips.

Comfortable seats

Another top priority with buses is comfortable seats. Long bus journeys can produce a myriad of ailments, foremost of which is back pain when seats are stiff and uncomfortable. For men riders, additional legroom tops their list along with air conditioning and comfortable seats.

Reclining and adjustable seats with footrest is the best bus modification that guarantees passenger comfort during long bus trips.

Usable toilet

A usable toilet is a top bus modification passengers want during long bus trips. Having a toilet on the bus means a non-stop and direct trip that is preferred to frequent bus stops for toilet breaks. The survey showed that passengers are willing to pay extra for buses with built-in usable toilets.

Free High-speed Wi-Fi and TV

High-speed WiFi and TV are top bus modifications that people feel worth paying for. However, when these modifications are best when they are offered free! The tech requirements have become a necessary part of daily modern life which has to be integrated into buses for them to get an edge above other types of public transportation.

Personal power outlets

Devices need to be recharged during long journeys. Buses featuring standard power outlets for every seat are a necessary and much-appreciated bus modification. It is extra handy for disembarking passengers to have fully charged devices as they go around a new place.

Absence of middle seats

No one wants to be squashed in between two seats. Buses with modified two-seating win hands down when it comes to passenger comfort. Fighting for armrests is no longer part of the equation when the seats are either aisle or window options.

Wide overhead storage

Having a space overhead to safely place your carry-on baggage is a modification you would want to have in buses. With an overhead storage compartment, getting out all important items is easy and convenient.

Eco-friendly bus

Long trips can leave a huge carbon footprint when the bus runs on a diesel engine and fuel. Bus modifications to include the latest eco-friendly way of burning fuel not only protect passengers, but also the environment.

Opting for travelling on a bus can become a fun, exciting, and safe trip when it is equipped with modifications geared for comfort. Contact us to learn more about our bus features and modifications.