5 Basic Equipment To Open an Auto Repair Shop

If you’re thinking of starting a new business and being an owner of your own body shop as a truck mechanic brisbane for instance, there are some basic equipment you need to have in your workshop before you can have it open for business. Some relatively simpler and common problems can be solved with these basic equipment. Here are 5 pieces of equipment you should have in your arsenal to open an auto repair shop;

Air Compressor

An air compressor can come in handy with a lot of tools and equipment in your workshop. Most equipment and tools you have in the shop will require an air compressor to function properly. So make sure you invest in a durable, good-capacity compressor that can withstand the load of some auto lifts and some handy tools.


If you own an auto repair shop then it is guaranteed that you will need to raise a vehicle at least for a little bit to solve issues here and there. Even if you want to take a look at the equipment below the car, you will need to raise it. That’s where jacks, jack stands and pole jacks come in. They help hoist the car up to a level where you can work on the vehicle comfortably. Make sure you select a good quality, good capacity jack for your auto shop that’s handy, durable and reliable because it will help you get the job done!

Battery Charger and Accompanying Cables

Oftentimes, problems with vehicles are caused by battery issues. Many issues will be caused by dead batteries and issues pertaining to charging problems. It’s imperative that you have battery charging equipment, jumper cables and charging plugs so you can jumpstart vehicles when they come to a halt due to battery malfunctioning.

Oil Drain

If vehicles need an oil change or you have to deal with issues pertaining to oil drains of the cars, you need an oil drain and an oil caddy that have enough capacity to sustain the largest liquid volume that you can expect or anticipate. It’s an important piece of equipment to have in your arenal if you operate an auto repair shop.

Engine Hoist

If you’re a body shop that deals with engine work; replacing, fixing, servicing, installing or uninstalling engines, then you need an engine hoist to lift engines from the hoods of cars. Since engines are heavy pieces of equipment, you need professional equipment to lift them or service them. Make sure to research a bit because you purchase an engine hoist and make sure that it has the ability to service the latest and heaviest engine available.